Volume 8 Issue 12 (December, 2020)

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Assessment of cases of mandibular fractures- A clinical study
Dr. Ritika Agarwal, Dr. Sakshi Kumari, Archana Kumari

Background: The present study was conducted to assess cases of mandibular fractures. Materials & Methods: 126 patients having mandibular fractures of both genders were involved. The etiology, site and treatment given was recorded. Results: The main etiology of mandibular fractures was fall in 30, road traffic accident in 84 and violence in 12 cases. Common type of fracture was body seen in 45, ramus in 30, angle in 21, symphysis in 16, condyle in 10 and coronoid process in 4 cases. In 36 cases, closed reduction and in 90 cases Open reduction internal fixation was done. The difference was significant (P< 0.05). Conclusion: The most common etiology of mandibular fracture was road traffic accident and most common site was body and ramus of mandible. Key words: Open reduction, internal fixation, mandibular fracture

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