Volume 8 Issue 11 (November, 2020)

Review Articles

An Update Review of Self Etching Primers in Orthodontics
Dr. Chetna P Ranka, Dr. Revathi Somasundaram

Over the past decade, adhesive dentistry has been transformed by foremost advances in bonding technology. In the early stage of development, the smear layer was well thought-out as obstruction to efficient dentin bonding. In 1990s, this obstacle was defeat by introduction of self-etching primers. It contains acidic adhesion-promoting monomers for direct bonding to smear layer-covered dentin. The self-etching primer system consists of an etchant and primer available in a single compartment. In order to reduce chair side time for clinician, etching and primer are combined as a one step. The purpose of this article is to explore current knowledge of various dentin bonding agents and development of self etching primer and explained about role of self etching primers in orthodontics. Keywords: orthodontic bonding, bond strength, self etching primer

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