Volume 8 Issue 11 (November, 2020)

Case Reports

Tooth supported overdenture opposing a tooth supported bar overdenture for restoration of the complex prosthodontic clinical situation
Peter Mathew, Jacob John H

Dental treatments very rarely are decided by a choice that may not be preferred by a certain dentist. Such instances usually occur when a patient enters in the OPD with a failed treatment done by someone else. An elderly male patient reported with chief complaint of failed prosthetic treatment in both maxillary and mandibular arches. Examinations revealed that the patient had a tooth supported overdenture in the maxillary arch and an anterior mandibular six unit tooth colored acrylic fixed partial denture. All teeth were not treated endodontically which explained patients discomfort due to sensitivity. Treatment plan allowed a conservative prosthesis design in the form of a tooth supported (single coping) overdenture for the maxillary arch and a complex designed tooth tissue supported bar overdenture retained by a clip for the mandibular arch. Major difficulties were anticipated in mandibular framework fitting and vertical dimensions, recording that were physiologically biocompatible. Clinical reasoning for such difficulties have been discussed. Key words: complete denture, endodontic treatment, dowel core, precision attachment, vertical dimensions.

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