Volume 8 Issue 10 (October, 2020)

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Assessment of nutritional balance and psychological status in geriatric prosthodontic patients with complete dentures- A qualitative study
Dr. Geetanjali Singh, Dr. Achyuth Ravipati, Dr Harvinder Singh Gill, Dr Raghav Manchanda, Dr. Mitra Ashok Shinde, Dr Manoj Digambar Sakhare

Aging is a natural process. As the age progresses changes takes place in all the organ systems of body. Aging process involves changes in the psychological, physiological and pathological status of a person. The element of psychosomatic conflict is very important in geriatric patients undergoing prosthodontic treatment. Nutrition is essential for the healthy survival of mankind. With the advancing age, elderly patients encounter socio environmental changes which interferes with establishment of adequate nutritional health. In geriatric complete denture wearing patients, psychological status and nutritional habits have a pro¬found influence on the outcome of treatment. Present study is aimed to explore the nutrtional balance and psychological status among 50 complete denture patients through a web based survey. Keywords: Nutrition, psychological, Geriatric, Dentures

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