Volume 8 Issue 10 (October, 2020)

Case Reports

Determining the need of a coping and/or its number/type in a tooth supported overdenture
Khurshid A Mattoo, Anchal Deep

The use of copings for overdentures is less practiced in prosthetic dentistry perhaps because of clinicians inability to determine at the time of diagnosis whether a coping should be used or not and if used, then whether a long or short coping will be indicated. This dilemma can be solved if one understands and is able to examine the vertical dimensions of occlusion and rest appropriately at the time of diagnosis. Fabrication of overdentures with copings requires such clinical skills which cannot be gained overnight. With the assistance of presenting two different cases of overdenture and immediate overdenture, we present a clinical diagnostic method that will assist a prosthodontist to determine whether copings will be indicated or not while also being able to decide among different types of copings. Keywords: endodontic, supraeruption, copings, base metal alloy, denture support.

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