Volume 8 Issue 9 (September, 2020)

Case Reports

Spring cantilever fixed partial denture
Ravi Shankar G, John JH

Replacing a missing maxillary lateral incisor with a fixed partial denture that requires preparing of a health central incisor and a canine is a tough decision that many prosthodontists fear. Spring cantilever designs offer a viable solution to rehabilitate such situations provided occlusal conditions are favorable. A male patient working as a police officer reported for replacing a missing lateral incisor and demanded to incorporate a previously present diastema within the prosthesis. Extra and intra oral examination were non-contributory. Occlusal scheme was favorable. A spring cantilever design using maxillary canine as an abutment was designed to retain a missing maxillary lateral incisor using a blend between a loop connector and a spring cantilever design for the connector. The partial denture was cemented and provided highly pleasing results to the patient. Keywords: cantilever, fixed partial denture, metal, ceramic, canine protected occlusion.

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