Volume 8 Issue 9 (September, 2020)

Case Reports

Herpes Simplex Associated Erythema Multiforme - A Case Report and Review
Dr. Rakhi Chandak, Dr. Runal Bansod, Dr. Ramhari Sathawane, Dr. Ashish Lanjekar, Dr. Romita Gaikwad, Dr. Shivlal Rawlani, Dr. Dhiran Talatule, Dr. Pranali Thakare, Dr. Rutuz Bansod

Erythema multiforme is a self-limiting acute mucocutaneous benign condition characterised by occurrence of blisters and ulcers. The hallmark of the disease is the presence of “target lesions”. There have been several factors like infections, systemic diseases that can trigger EM, but an infection with Herpes Simplex virus captures a different place in the books of etiology of this disease. The association of EM trigerred due to HSV infection is referred to as herpes associated erythema multifome (HAEM). The incidence reported of this disease is between 0.01-1%.1 Diagnosing an EM is of great challenge to the clinician due to its compromising variants from being self limited, mild, exanthematous, and cutaneous with minimal oral involvement.. This article discusses a case of HAEM in a 30 year old female patient and also discusses the pathophysiology and treatment of the disease. Keywords- erythema multiforme, HAEM, target lesions, acyclovir.

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