Volume 8 Issue 9 (September, 2020)

Review Articles

Role of Corticosteroids as Endodontic Irrigants- A Review
Pratik Agrawal, Syeda Ayesha, Godavari Deepak Nagargoje, Nitinpreet Kaur, Heena Mazhar, Heena Tiwari

Researchers have utilized many different modes of delivery for corticosteroids. Dexamethasone has been administered through local infiltration, extra oral intra muscular injections, intra oral intra-muscular injections, oral dosage, and intra canal rinses. Dexamethasone has a plasma half-life of 200 minutes and tissue half-life of seventy-five hours. Systemic absorption of dexamethasone may produce unwanted actions at other sites of the body such as a decrease in the body’s healing response. Studies have found that local infiltration of radioactive dexamethasone in the mandibular buccal vestibule of rats was rapidly absorbed in the systematic circulation and deposited throughout the tissues. Within one hour of injection, radioactive dexamethasone was found in the contra-lateral mandible. Although it is difficult to extrapolate conclusions from animal studies, the use of an intra-canal dexamethasone rinse may be an effective means of limiting systematic absorption of the drug. Key words: Corticosteroids, Endodontic Irrigants, intra-canal dexamethasone.

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