Volume 8 Issue 9 (September, 2020)

Review Articles

Regenerative Dental Medicine- A Boon in New Era
Dr. Poonam Pathania, Dr. Sankara Rao Sanaka, Dr. Rahul Anand, Dr. Shweta Meshram, Dr. Sunil Kumar Gulia, Dr. Ravleen Khalsa

With the widespread advances in all details of science over the past decade, the regenerative dentistry has also come up with the breakthrough innovations. The tooth regeneration offers innovative approaches to the common problems encountered in the oral and dental sciences. The strategies based upon the regenerative medicine that facilitates the repair or replacement of the damaged teeth may hold particular promise as a means in order to reduce the cost of the dental care. The tooth is also a compelling candidate as a template for the organogenesis which could have the far-reaching implications in the field of regenerative medicine. Key words: Gene therapy, regenerative dental medicine, tissue engineering

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