Volume 8 Issue 8 (August, 2020)

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Adequacy of glycaemic, lipid and blood pressure goals of diabetic patients at Secondary health care centre
Sarang R. Barbind, Rajesh Garje

Background: The incidence of diabetes is alarming in both developed and developing countries. The present study was conducted to evaluate the adequacy of glycaemic, lipid and blood pressure (BP) goals of diabetic patients. Materials & Methods: The present study was conducted on 150 adult ambulatory type II diabetics of both genders arrived at Sanjeevani Hospital-Critical Care and Trauma Centre, Nanded, during period of January 2018-March 2019. Duration of diabetes, treatment history, hypertension, and complications were recorded. BMI was calculated as weight in kilogram divided by height in meter square. Patients were studied for various parameters like HbA1c, FBS, PPBS, LDL, HDL and TG. Complications such as diabetic neuropathy, diabetic retinopathy, diabetic foot complications, ischaemic heart disease and stroke were assessed. Results: There were 80 males and 70 females, 120 patients were >45 years and 30 below 45 years, BMI was <18 in 26, 18-24.9 in 36, 25-29.9 in 38 and >30 in 40 patients. Habit of cigarette smoking seen in 42, alcoholism in 50, positive family history in 38 and sedentary life style in 76 patients. BP goal was achieved in 76 males and 50 females, <45 years in 62 patients and >45 years in 48 patients, BMI <18 in 17, 18-24.9 in 26, 25- 29.9 in 27 and >30 in 22 patients, with complications in 36 and without complications in 78, with regular treatment in 70 and irregular treatment in 58 patients. Goal for HBA1C was achieved in 60, FBS in 85, PPBS in 72, HDL in 62, LDL in 85, TG in 105 and BP in 78 patients. Conclusion: Authors found that although a large percentage of diabetic patients were tested for HBA1C, LDL cholesterol, and systolic BP, a much smaller percentage had reached their respective goals. More aggressive glycemic, lipid, and BP management appears to be needed to improve care for these patients. Key words: Cholesterol, Diabetes, Systolic BP.

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