Volume 8 Issue 8 (August, 2020)

Case Reports

Implant placement in localized ridge defects using autogenous block graft and GBR- A report of Two Cases
Krishna Sanghavi Kurella, S. Dimple Rani, Ronak.D.Nankani

Anterior teeth esthetics are of prime concern for a charming smile and psychological well-being of an individual. However, unfortunately, this is the most frequently affected site during accidents/trauma and also the most prone site for alveolar resorption once the tooth is lost following extraction thus affecting the esthetics and psychological well-being of a person. In this modern era of dentistry with many alternatives for restoration of the lost tooth, dental implants stand out to be the best treatment options available for replacement. However, not all cases are ideal for implant placement, and some require bone augmentation procedures. Here in this article, we have reported two cases where an implant placement is managed successfully using a combination of the autogenous bone block graft obtained from the mandibular symphysis region and guided bone regeneration (GBR) procedures achieving predictable osseointegration. Key-words: Ridge augmentation, symphysis blockgraft, GBR, Implants.

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