Volume 8 Issue 7 (July, 2020)

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Mouthwash Use in General Population of Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
Harpuneet Kaur, Poornima Sharma

Background: Practising good oral hygiene is very significant to prevent various ailments in our body. Methods adopted for adequate oral hygiene is brushing and flossing alongwith mouth rinses regularly as prescribed by the dentist. Using mouthwashes prevents and cures various diseases such as halitosis, gingivits and periodontal issues. Methods: The questionnaire was prepared and asked verbally in the Square One Mall located in Mississauga. The selection of the participants were arbitrary in respect to age, sex and education. This study includes only those responders who uses mouthwashes. Results: Majority of the participants were females. The maximum number of respondents uses mouth washes that are not prescribed by dentist and do not look for ADA seal while purchasing the mouth rinses. Factors like price and brand are the most influencing factors while buying the mouthwashes. The participants reported cavities and plaque in their oral cavity. Most of the people brush their teeth twice and day and floss every few days. Conclusion: Mouthwash use in general population is associated with various determinants like Age, Sex, Education and Health. Mouthwashes have various properties like it is antiplaque and antigingivitis and thus helps to reduce gum diseases. Factors like price, size, brand, health benefits influences the choice of buyer . Key words: Mouthwash, oral hygiene, plaque.

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