Volume 8 Issue 6 (June, 2020)

Review Articles

Sustainable Development of Dentistry- Safeguarding the patient & professionals during Pandemics
Virat Galhotra,Priyanka Parhad, Utsav Raj, Abhiruchi Galhotra

Dentistry in this world has several historical evidences. It has started from stone age and transformed into robotics. Many forms and functions has changed in the dentistry either due to mankind or due to natural calamities. COVID-19 a Novel Corona Virus has reversed the growth trajectory of professional dentistry in the world. As the growth of Corona Virus is increasing, day to day scenario reveals the need of phenomenal changes in dentistry. Several guidelines have been issued by higher authorities of the world which felicitated dentists for safe practice. Government and Non-Government interventions help, support and stabilize the dental industry. This article elicits the transformation in Dentistry and provides an overview of the precautionary measures to be taken during dental procedures and role of government in developing a sustainable model for dental clinics in the country. Key words: Government and Non-Government interventions, transformation in Dentistry, precautionary measures, Corona Virus, sustainable.

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