Volume 8 Issue 6 (June, 2020)

Case Reports

Neglect, Depression, Xerostomia a link for using salivary reservoir in complete denture
Vikram Kapoor, Humaira Tanvir

Patients existing compromised medical condition can be complicated by psychosocial states.In this case, a female patient suffering from systemic diabetes had a bout of depression that was related towards her neglect shown by her children. Such complex states of the human mind may not even allow a normal person to think of self care. Diabetes, depression and antidepressants all contribute to xerostomia, which compromises treatment objectives of a complete denture prosthesis. A low volume sliding type of reservoir was designed in the maxillary denture which could release artificial saliva/ water from micro holes upon suction. The treatment was synergised by referral to a psychiatrist who educated the offsprings of the patient, which improved the overall effective response of the patient to the denture treatment. Keywords: elder maltreatment, diabetes, antisialagogue, salivary reservoir, complete denture.

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