Volume 8 Issue 6 (June, 2020)

Review Articles

Home remedies for dental diseases in the Pandemic of COVID-19 - A Systematic Review
Sucheta Mahant, Sanjay Kumar Thakur

Background: During COVID-19 lock down, ancient home remedies and google information help has been used by patients at home for dental disease emergency in crucial time. Primitive medicine can be used in home to stay safe during outbreak of COVID 19, a public health global emergency. Highlight: This systematic review aimed to search and collect scientific evidence of alternative home remedy for dental disease using primitive medicinal herbs. But it is essential to adopt a scientific attitude toward herbal medicine to open a new knowledge. Conclusion: Holistic dentistry is an alternate approach, an emerging field of dental medicine and more research are to be done in this field. Keywords: Toothache, Herb, Covid-19.

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