Volume 8 Issue 5 (May, 2020)

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A comparative evaluation of space closure using different force delivery systems - A Clinical Study
Tamanna Goyal, Sudhir Munjal, Satnam Singh, Amanpreet Singh Natt, Harmeet Singh

Aim & Objectives: To compare the orthodontic space closure for various force delivery systems. Material & Method: 40 patients of age group between 17- 25 years. They were divided into four groups: each group consisted of 10 patients. In Group I patients, space closure was done with Active ligatures. In Group II patients, space closure was done with Power E-chain. In Group III and Group IV patients, space closure was done with Nickel-Titanium closed coil spring and Stainless Steel closed coil spring respectively. The amount of space closure was measured after every four weeks with the help of digital Vernier caliper. Result: The mean (mm) of retraction completed at the end of 1st month in Group I was 0.597 with SD of 0.208 and in Group II was 0.815 with SD of 0.146. Whereas in Group III, the mean was 1.165 with SD of 0.198 and in Group IV was 0.928 with SD of 0.451. Conclusion: The order of force delivery systems according to the rate of retraction: Ni-Ti closed coil spring = Stainless Steel closed coil spring > Power E-chain = Active ligatures. Key words: Force delivery systems, orthodontic appliances, space closure.

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