Volume 8 Issue 5 (May, 2020)

Review Articles

Oral Manifestations of Covid-19 - Are they the introductory symptoms?
Muqthadir Siddiqui Mohammed Abdul, Urooj Fatima, Shilpa Sunil Khanna, Rishabh Bhanot, Akanksha Sharma, Amartya Prakash Srivastava

A novel coronavirus (COVID-19) is associated with human to- human transmission. For it is a never been experienced respiratory disease before and with infection ability widely and quickly, it attracted the world’s attention but without treatment and control manual. With no antiviral drugs nor vaccines, and the presence of carriers without obvious symptoms, traditional public health intervention measures are significantly less effective. It is all the more imperative to contain the viral infection in the initial stages by identifying early signa and symptoms. Recently it has come to light that some cases of coronavirus have shown oral as well cutaneous lesions before developing respiratory distress or other symptoms like fever or cough. Purpose of this review is to highlight the lesions which are expressed in the course of disease which can help in diagnosing it further. Keywords Coronavirus, oral manifestations, cutaneous lesions, early diagnosis.

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