Volume 8 Issue 5 (May, 2020)

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Role of Hospital Administration Department in Managing Covid-19 Pandemic in India
Sandeep Boora, Sunil Kumar Gulia, Mohammad Kausar, Vijay K. Tadia, Abdul Hakim Choudhary, Amit Lathwal

Covid-19, just few days back, was foreign to us and now spreading its routes well in India. Starting with one case and now with 35,000+ cases, the virus is trending right now in almost every part of the country. The irony is not much is known about this novel virus, hence mortality and morbidity across the globe is on a peak. Hospitals and other healthcare facilities play a critical role in national and local responses to emergencies, such as communicable disease epidemics. The healthcare professionals need to be protected against coronavirus so that they can save other people who are in critical stage of the illness. Various command teams need to be prepared for implementation of infection control and transmission measures. However, that deals with a lot of training for the hospital staff, as well coping with surge for the resources as well as designing appropriate containment strategies. It is a complex interplay between hospital administration and the government along with the country’s population. Keywords: pandemic, hospital administration, containment, coronavirus.

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