Volume 8 Issue 3 (March, 2020)

Review Articles

Tissue Engineering in Dentistry- Boom in Dentistry
Mohammed Samiuddin Ahmed, Konda Chaturya, Rahul Vinay Chandra Tiwari, Sunil kumar gulia, Inayaat Virk, Bharti Wasan, Heena Tiwari

Tissue engineering is a novel as well as highly exciting field of the research. It may be possible with the techniques of tissue engineering to repair the damaged tissues or even to create the replacement organs. The present article reviews the typical key elements, principles underlying the key tissue engineering strategies and its implication in dentistry. The examples of tissue engineering include the passive approaches like dental implants, as well as the inductive approaches where the specific molecular signals are used to activate the cells. Key words: Tissue engineering, tissue induction, cell transplantation, gene therapy.

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