Volume 8 Issue 2 (February, 2020)

Review Articles

Driftodontics in Orthodontic Treatment- A Review
Naresh Vattikunta, Amarjot Brar, Suraj Potdar, Mohamed Ramees M, Tara V Avirachan, Nikita Bhure, Rahul Vinay Chandra Tiwari

Natural migration of teeth into the space created by extraction with no applied force is defined as physiological drifting, which is also termed as driftodontics. This procedure can be applied to any case arch length deficiency. It is indicated to extract either the first of the second premolar, so that the adjacent teeth can drift naturally into the extraction spaces. In this article, we have discussed the definition, historical perspective, rationale, biomechanics and factors affecting physiologic driftitng. Key words: Drifting, Migration, Distalizaton.

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