Volume 8 Issue 2 (February, 2020)

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To study lactate/albumin ratio in patients with sepsis admitted in ICU
Vikram Sharma, Anil Gupta, Amber Alliya

Background: Sepsis is life-threatening organ dysfunction caused by dysregulated host responses to infection. Serum lactate has been established as a prognostic tool in patients with septic shock. Albumin levels also reflect the severity of inflammation as albumin is a negative acute phase protein. Hence; the present study was undertaken for studying lactate/albumin ratio in patients with sepsis admitted in ICU. Materials & methods: A total of 20 patients were enrolled in the present study. All cases of sepsis in ICU were taken consecutively till sample size achieved. The resulting study group was subjected to detailed history and examination followed by routine investigations. Serum lactate and albumin levels were recorded and ratio was calculated. The data obtained was analysed. Data collected was entered in MS excel 2010 and demographic parameters were analysed. The data was stratified and analysed in accordance with the aims and objectives of the project. Results: Mean lactate levels were found to be 5.28 while mean albumin levels were found to be 28.36. Mean Lactate to albumin ratio was found to be 0.1862. Conclusion: Lactate/albumin ratio is very easy to obtain and might therefore be very useful for risk stratification in critically ill patients. Key words: Sepsis, Intensive care unit, Lactate

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