Volume 8 Issue 1 (January, 2020)

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Screening the periodontal status in a group of population by using periowise® periodontal screening and recording system
Mahesh H.V. , Ramya KS

Aim of the study: Assessing the periodontal status in a group of population in and around Davangere district, Karnataka state, India by aid of Periowise Periodontal Screening and Recording system. Materials and Methods: A group of population aged between 18-64 years of in and around Davangere District, were selected for periodontal screening and recording. The selected group was residents of both urban and rural locality consisted a total of 946 subjects, out of 617 were male and 329 were female. A total of 5745 sextants of 946 subjects were screened by Periowise periodontal screening and the criteria’s such as age, gender, diet, locality, oral hygiene practice and oral habits of the subjects were recorded. Following the observation, the data subjected to statistical analysis. Results and Conclusion: Based on obtained data it can be concluded that, the subjects of older age, male gender, on complete vegetarian diet, rural locality were more prone for periodontal disease and the factors such as poor oral hygiene practice, habits like smoking, betel nut and tobacco chewing act as contributing factors for the severity and prevalence of periodontal disease. Key words: periodontal screening and recording, periowise periodontal screening and recording, periodontal epidemiology

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