Volume 8 Issue 1 (January, 2020)

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Comparison of SBS of colour changing adhesives - Transbond Plus, Blugloo, Grengloo
Mohamed Rameez, Kiran. H, Rajkumar S. Alle, Bharathi. V. S, Dharmesh. H. S

Aim: The aim of the study is to compare and evaluate the shear bond strength of color changing adhesives Transbond Plus, Grengloo and Blugloo when contaminated with saliva. Methodology: One hundred and twenty premolars extracted for orthodontic purpose or due to periodontal involvement was collected, rinsed thoroughly and stored in 0.1% (wt/vol) thymol. The teeth were divided into three groups; group I- transbond plus, group II- grengloo, group III-blugloo. Each group was subdivided into: A. No Contamination, B. Contamination with saliva before application of bonding agent, C. Contamination with saliva after application of bonding agent, D. Contamination with saliva both before and after application of bonding agent. All teeth were mounted on the acrylic jig individually. The procedure of etching and priming of the teeth was carried out according to manufacturer’s instruction. Contamination of the mounted teeth with artificial saliva was performed in the order of the above-mentioned categories. The metal premolar brackets were then bonded using color changing adhesives Transbond Plus (n=40), Grengloo (n=40), Blugloo (n=40). After 24 hours the brackets were tested for shear bond strength using a Universal Testing Machine. The results obtained were analysed with ANOVA test followed by Tukey's HSD post hoc Analysis. Result: The bonding performance of Grengloo and Blugloo was comparable. However, the bond strength of Grengloo and Blugloo was relatively higher than Transbond Plus. This may be due to the sealant, Ortho Solo, used in these groups. Conclusion: All three color changing adhesives can be used safely in orthodontic practice since they show acceptable bond strengths. Even though Transbond Plus showed acceptable bond strength during saliva contamination procedures, it was less than that of Grengloo and Blugloo. In situations where extra bond strength is needed, Grengloo and Blugloo may be preferred. Key words: Adhesives, Transbond Plus, Grengloo, Blugloo.

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