Volume 7 Issue 12 (December, 2019)

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Comparison of effectiveness of three different desensitizing agents against hypersensitivity- A clinical study
Sonali Roy, Praveen Chandra, Archana Kumari, Md. Asad Iqubal

Aim: To compare the effectiveness of three different desensitizing agents containing potassium salt, natural ingredients, and 8% arginine in reducing dentin hypersensitivity (DH). Materials and Methods: A study was conducted on 90 adult patients for 4 weeks and 8 weeks suffering from hypersensitivity associated with cervical abrasion of two or more teeth anterior to the molars. Patients were divided into three toothpaste groups as follows: Group I: Potassium nitrate containing toothpaste, Group II: herbal desensitizing mouthwash containing natural ingredients, and Group III: 8% arginine containing toothpaste. Using air stimulus, the sensitivity scores were recorded using Schiff Sensitivity Scale (SSS) at baseline, immediately after application and after 8weeks. Statistical Analysis: One way ANOVA test significant. Results: Group III showed significantly better reduction in DH at all time intervals when compared with Group I. Conclusion: Desensitizing toothpaste containing 8% arginine was found to be the most effective in the reduction of DH after a single application up to a period of 8 weeks followed by herbal desensitizing mouthwash and potassium salt containing toothpaste. Key words: Arginine; dentin hypersensitivity; desensitizing toothpastes; herbal; potassium salt.

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