Volume 7 Issue 12 (December, 2019)

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Augmentation compression plating with bone grafting in aseptic non union shaft femur with nail in situ- a study of 20 cases
Amit Lakhani, Ena Sharma, R S Boparai, Shashi Mohan Bhatnagar

Objective: Nonunion of shaft femur is a common complication. Augmentation plating with retained nail is a novel method to treat these cases. Method: Twenty patients(18 male and two female) of mean age 37.5 years were treated by this method. Results: Union was achieved in all cases mean 7 months. Conclusion: Augmentation plating with retained nail is an ideal treatment option for aseptic non union shaft femur as this procedure requires less operative time and less blood loss as compare to exchange nailing. Patients are able to bear weight due to retained nail and plating helps to achieve compression at fracture site. Key words: Nonunion, aseptic, augmentation plating, exchange nailing.

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