Volume 7 Issue 12 (December, 2019)

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To evaluate the lunate and perilunate fracture dislocation with isolated volar approach- A prospective Study of 20 cases
Amit Lakhani, Shashi Mohan Bhatnagar, Jatin Aggarwal

Objective: Lunate and perilunate fracture dislocations are complex injuries. Mayfield, Johnson, and Kilcoyne described four stages of progressive disruption of ligament attachments and anatomical relationships to the lunate resulting from forced wrist hyperextension. Urgent close reduction and pop slab is first line of management. Unsatisfactory reduction and poor fixation at the same time can lead to poor treatment outcome. There are numerous surgical methods to treat such injuries. Methods: In this study we have managed and reviewed for 5 years, 20 cases of lunate and perilunate fracture dislocation treated by using single volar approach. Results: All patients gained full ROM in 6 months. We have longest follow up of 5 years with MAYO wrist score 94. Conclusion: We strongly recommend isolated volar surgical approach for treating these injuries. Key words: Volar; dislocation; ROM (Range of Motion); MAYO Wrist Score.

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