Volume 7 Issue 11 (November, 2019)

Case Reports

Metal Reinforced Maxillary Single Denture Opposing a Dentate Mandibular Arch- A Case Report
Ajay Pandey, Lily Tiwari

The edentulous state of the oral cavity is equivalent to the absence of any other body part with specific morphological and psychological sequelae. This case presents a patient with an edentulous maxillary arch opposing a dentate mandibular arch. Several difficulties are encountered in providing a successful single complete denture treatment, the most common being repeated fracture of the prosthesis. An ideal solution to strengthen the single complete denture bases is to provide metal reinforcement by fabrication of metal based single complete denture. Metal due to high malleability and higher strength can scaffold the acrylic materials withstanding flexural fatigue and stress concentration there by reinforcing the denture. Metal can be added in form of wires, bars, mesh or plates. Metal strengthener had a beneficial effect on the fracture resistance of the poly methyl meth cry late. Another common problem in single complete denture is attrition of denture teeth while opposing natural dentition which can be taken care of by providing metal occlusals in single complete dentures. Metal occlusal surfaces preserve the established occlusion and prevent loss of vertical dimension. This case report describes the clinical management and fabrication of single complete denture with metal plate reinforcement. Key Words: Single Complete Denture, Metal Reinforcement Denture base

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