Volume 7 Issue 11 (November, 2019)

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Intricate assessment of Complete Denture Hygiene Habits among complete Denture wearers in Northern Indian region- An original study
Rohit Singh, Supriya Singh, Aaysha Tabinda Nabi, Irfanul Huda, D K Singh

Background & Aim: Quality of life and general health could improve through good oral health. An essential component for good oral health for denture patient is having effective and regular denture hygiene. Hence, it is important for the dental care teams to provide those patient proper denture hygiene instructions. The prime aim of this paper is to estimate the denture hygiene viewpoint in complete denture patients. Materials and Methods: A total of 100 complete denture wearing patients were studied. The patients were selected in the age range of 45-70 years. The study processes were explained to the patients prior to the starting of the study. All interested complete denture patients were included in the study. We also conducted a little demographic recording of the patients that includes data on gender, age, length of prosthesis utilize, cleaning strategies and materials, and so on. Statistical Analysis and Results: Fundamental statistical analysis was completed using SPSS statistical package for the Social Sciences version 21 for Windows. Only 58% of the patients reported that they use to clean their dentures every day once. The general hygienic condition of the complete denture was found to be good in 57 patients while it was fair and poor in 28 and 15 patients respectively. About 49 patients reported that they do not wear the denture overnight however, 38 patients admitted that they use to wear it overnight. This shows the relative unawareness of these aids in the studied population. Conclusion: The overall denture hygiene attitude in the studied complete denture patients was poor. The probable and attributable causes might be unequal cleansing habits and additionally low awareness about newer and advanced denture cleansing solutions. Key words: Denture Hygiene, Complete Denture, Habits, Denture Cleansers.

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