Volume 7 Issue 11 (November, 2019)

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An Incidence Based Assessment of Etiology and Position of Fracture of Acrylic Resin Dentures- A Survey Based Original Study
Vulli Venkata Somaposi Triveni, Gurrala Venkata Naga Sai Sujai, S. Bharath, Guruprasad G M.

Aim: Fracture of acrylic resin removable dentures occurs frequently during service through heavy occlusal force or accidental damage. The primary goal of this study is to analyze and determines the prevalence of type of denture fracture. Materials and Methods: Appropriate data were gathered logically from patients visiting prosthodontic centers for denture repairs at dental hospitals. For each and every patient requiring repairing of a fractured complete and partial denture, the factors were recorded; reasons for denture crack, the kind of crack and the historical backdrop of past repetitive fractures. Result: All the collected data were arranged systematically and subjected to fundamental statistical analysis using SPSS statistical package for the Social Sciences version 21 for Windows. Of 320 repaired dentures 180 were complete dentures, 70 were removable partial dentures, and 70 included replacement of the teeth that had debonded from the denture bases. The proportion of upper to lower total denture breaks was roughly 2:1, the majority of the cracked dentures (59%) were those of males. Conclusion: Upper dentures were repaired more than lower denture. Within the limitations of the study, authors have also concluded that midline fracture was the commonest sort of crack and greater part of repaired dentures had previously been repaired. Furthermore, our study outcomes could be treated as suggestive for predicting clinical inferences of such situations. Keywords: Midline fracture; Single denture; Complete denture fractures, Acrylic resins

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