Volume 7 Issue 11 (November, 2019)

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Negative Impacts of Electronic Gadgets on School Going Children in Dakshina Kannada District
Amitha. M. Hegde, Meghna Bhandary, Krishna Balraj

Objective: This study aimed at identifying the negative impact of gadgets on school going children in D.K district. Methodology: The sample consisted of 520 children aged 6-15, out of which 260 belonged to 6-12yrs (primary section) and 260 to 13-15yrs (high school). A questionnaire survey was conducted among the students of 1st -10th grade in a Government school, D.K district. A structured questionnairewas designed to assess the usage of electronic gadgets and their effects on sleeping pattern, academic performance and social relationship. Questionnaire consisted of open and closed ended questions. Results: After the descriptive analysis of the data, it was found that 71% and 32% of children belonging to 13-15 yrs and 6-12 yrs respectively were found to use electronic gadgets regularly, of which 68% (13-15yrs) and 26%(6-12yrs) had irregular bedtime. Assessment of academic performance revealed that 13% (6-12 yrs) showed decline in academics and 9% difficulty in concentrating during class and the rest remained uninfluenced Whereas35% (13-15yrs) showed fall in grades and 27% had difficulty in concentrating during class or home while studying. Also, children of 6-12 age group engaged themselves more in outdoor activities on the contrary children of 13-15 age group preferred indoor games/using electronic gadgets for entertainment purposes. Conclusion -Electronic gadgets are like a double edged sword which possess both beneficial and detrimental effects, timelyusage can prove to be advantageous in understanding educational spheres better whereas over usage can lead to wide range of mental and physical health disorders. Key Words: Electronic Gadgets, Academic Performance, Sleeping Pattern, Social Interaction.

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