Volume 7 Issue 7 (July, 2019)

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To Evaluate the Prevalence of Clinically Discernable Developmental Dental Anomalies in Hanumangarh District in Rajasthan
Reetu Godara, Pooja Narain, Sandeep Kumar Mahala

Background: Disturbances during various stages of tooth development can markedly alter the number, size, shape and structure of the teeth. Numerous epidemiological studies on developmental dental anomalies have been carried out in different countries but such studies in India are very few and more often limited either to a single type of anomaly or in the form of case reports. This epidemiological study thus was carried out to determine the prevalence of clinically discernable developmental dental anomalies in Hanumangarh district in Rajasthan. Material & Methods: Epidemiological survey was conducted in the government and private schools of Hanumangarh district selected randomly from the 3 Tehsils in the district – Nohar,   Bhadra and Rawatsar. A total of 13 schools were included in the survey, 5 from Nohar, 4 from Bhadra and 4 from Rawatsar that included 2 private schools and 11 Government schools. A total of 5046 children were screened for the presence of developmental anomalies of teeth. The obtained data was statistically analyzed using Chi-square test, the Frequencies procedure and Cross tabs procedure. Results: For studying primary dentition, an age group must be chosen in which the dentition is fully erupted and an adequate level of cooperation can be gained, but before any anterior teeth are lost by exfoliation. While mesiodens are observed in early stages, most of paramolars and distomolars erupt later. Conclusion: The data obtained in this study concerning the prevalence of developmental anomalies provides a better insight of these anomalies. Presence of these anomalies and the associated clinical problems underlies the need for early intervention. The dataa from this study could be utilized for planning treatment modalities.
Key words: Dentl Anomalies, Prevalence, Tooth Development, Disturbances of Tooth Development.

Received: 12 April, 2019                            Revised:  2 May 2019                               Accepted: 5 May 2019

Corresponding author: Dr. Pooja Narain, Reader, Department of Oral Pathology, Rajasthan Dental College & Hospital, Jaipur, Rajasthan, India.

This article may be cited as: Godara R, Narain P, Mahala SK. To Evaluate the Prevalence of Clinically Discernable Developmental Dental Anomalies in Hanumangarh District in Rajasthan. J Adv Med Dent Scie Res 2019;7(7): 11-15.

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