Volume 7 Issue 2 (February, 2019)

Review Articles

Attachment Types for Implant Supported Over Dentures
Farah Hindustanwala

The present review focuses on maxillary and mandibular implant-supported overdentures. For edentulous patients Conventional complete dentures were familiar   treatment modality. In any case, the appearance of implant-supported overdentures has supplanted regular dentures as a superior standard for recovery. To enhance the achievement rate of implant-supported overdentures, watchful case choice is an essential basis. Further research should be directed to enhance the accomplishment implant-supported over dentures.
Key words: Attachments; implant; edentulous ridge; over dentures

Received: 2 January  2019                                       Revised: 26 January 2019                              Accepted: 28 January 2019
Corresponding author: Dr. Farah Hindustanwala, Government Dental college and Hospital, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India,  Residence: Doha, Qatar.

This article may be cited as: Hindustanwala F. Attachment Types for Implant Supported Over Dentures. J Adv Med Dent Scie Res 2019;7(2):5-8.

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