Volume 6 Issue 7 (July, 2018)

Case Reports

Recreating an Esthetically and Functionally Acceptable Dentition Using Post and Core Restorations- A Case Report
Pooja Jain, Sanjyot Mulay, Swapnil Bhosale, Karuna Ramnani

Patients today demand a youthful, attractive smile with comfortable functional acceptance. A 21-year-old female with complaint of pain in her upper front teeth and crowding with the same was treated with endodontic treatment followed by fiber-reinforced post and metal-ceramic restoration. The fiber reinforced restoration gives esthetically pleasing and biologically superior outcome.
Key words: Post and core; Fiber-reinforced post; periapical radiolucency.'

Corresponding Author: Dr. Pooja Jain, PG Student, Dept of Conservative and  Endodontics, Dr. D.Y. Patil Vidyapeeth, Dr D.Y. Patil Dental College, Pimpri, Pune, Maharashtra, India

This article may be cited as: Jain P, Mulay S, Bhosale S, Ramnani K. Recreating an esthetically and functionally acceptable dentition using Post and Core Restorations- A Case Report. J Adv Med Dent Scie Res 2018;6(7):51-55.


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