Volume 6 Issue 6 (June, 2018)

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Effect of Viscosupplementation with Hylan in Patients Undergoing Treatment for Osteoarthritis
Devesh Bandil, Megha Gupta Bandil

Background: Osteoarthritis is the most common joint disorder in the aging population. Osteoarthritis is also a clinically significant cause of disability. Hence; we planned the present study to assess the effect of viscosupplementation with Hylan in patients undergoing treatment for osteoarthritis. Materials and methods: The study was conducted in the Department of Orthopedics of the Medical institute. Patients for study were selected from the OPD of the department. Inclusion criteria consisted of symptomatic knee OA and radiologically confirmed disease on standard weight bearing knee radiographic views. All patients included had confirmed arthritic symptoms following clinical evaluation in the knee clinic. A total of 40 patients were included in the study and received treatment. Baseline characteristics and diagnostic data were recorded at the initial visit and patients were entered into a prospectively collected database for evaluation of clinical outcomes at one year and at two years after the initial injection. Results: A total of 40 patients were included in the study. 22 patients were females and 18 patients were males. The mean age of the patients was 41.21 years. We observed that 35 patients responded to the treatment, 3 patients were put into waiting list arthroplasty, 1 patient had to undergo arthroscopic procedure due to persistent symptoms. {Fig 1} Table 2 shows the frequency of patients with different outcomes at 2 years of treatment. Conclusion: We conclude that about 50% of osteoarthritic patients treated with viscosupplementation with hylan had improvement in symptoms; however, about 20% of patients had to undergo arthroplasty due to persistent symptoms. This treatment of choice can be beneficial in patients who are not indicated to undergo surgery.
Keywords: Hylan, Osteoarthritis, Viscosupplementation.

Corresponding Author: Dr. Devesh Bandil, Consultant Orthopaedician, Dr. Suresh Bandil Memorial Orthopaedic and Maternity Research Center, Gwalior, M.P., India


This article may be cited as: Bandil D, Bandil MG. Effect of Viscosupplementation with Hylan in Patients Undergoing Treatment for Osteoarthritis.  J Adv Med Dent Scie Res 2018;6(6):1-4.

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