Volume 6 Issue 1 (January, 2018)

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Assessment of Correlation of Apical Periodontitis and Quality of Root Canal Therapy in patients undergoing Endodontic Therapy
Arundeep S Brar, Deepak Kumar, Gursimran Singh, Sameer Khajuria, Ravneet Kour

Background: The tooth, the pulp tissue within it and its supporting structures should be viewed as one biologic unit. The interrelationship of these structures influences each other during health, function and disease. Ectomesenchymal cells proliferate to form the dental papilla and follicle, which are the precursors of the periodontium and the pulp respectively. Hence; we planned the present study to assess the prevalence of apical periodontitis and the technical quality of root canal fillings in a known population. Materials & methods: The present study included assessment of prevalence of apical periodontitis in patients undergoing root canal therapy. A total of 50 patients were included in the present study. Periodontal condition of the patients undergoing root canal therapy was assessed. All the results were assessed by SPSS software. Results: 28 teeth were root canal treated with Apical periodontitis, while the remaining 22 teeth were root canal treated without apical periodontitis. Conclusion: A strong correlation exists between the quality of root canal therapy done and the prevalence of apical periodontitis.
Key words: Endodontic therapy, Periodontitis, Root canal

Corresponding Author: Dr. Arundeep S Brar, PG student, Department of Periodontics, Desh Bhagat Dental College, Punjab

This article may be cited as: Brar AS, Kumar D, Singh G, Khajuria S, Kour R. Assessment of correlation of apical eriodontitis and quality of root canal therapy in patients undergoing endodontic therapy. J Adv Med Dent Scie Res 2018;6(1):36-38.

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