Volume 5 Issue 3 (March, 2017)

Case Reports

Padma Chandra, Ashok Kumar, Rajesh Prasad, Sajid Ali

Most common traumatic tooth injury occurs in anterior maxillary teeth and it is widely seen in all age groups. Traumatized tooth make the patient social, psychological and esthetically disturb. There are various factors that determine treatment plan and prognosis like extent of fracture, endodontic involvement, periodontal status, biological width invasion, restorability of fractured tooth, presence/absence of fractured tooth fragment and the fit between the fragment and remaining tooth, esthetics. If the fracture is simple involving enamel and dentin only composite restoration is recommended, but if fracture is complex involving enamel, dentin and pulp and fracture line extending above the alveolar crest but below cervical margin and if fragment are available then  reattachment of  the fractured segment with fiber post reinforcement  is best feasible option  as it takes less  chair side time, inexpensive , provides good and long-lasting esthetics, because the original morphology, color, and surface texture are maintained. This case reports on coronal tooth fracture case that was successfully treated using adhesive reattachment technique.
Key words: Esthetics, Fibre post, Dual cure resin, Fragment Reattachment.

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License.