Volume 8 Issue 12 (December, 2020)

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Assessment of awareness about oral cancer among Bangalore population
Dr. Sagarika, Dr. Sunil Dogra

Background: The present study was conducted to assess awareness about oral cancer in Bangalore population. Materials & Methods: 1460 subjects of Bangalore city were provided with a questionnaire and were asked to respond accordingly. It comprised of the risk factors, signs and symptoms of oral cancer, and the importance of detecting the disease in its early stages. Results: Education was primary in 470, high in 560 and graduate in 430. Occupation was student in 280, housewife in 540, service in 135 and agriculture in 505. Place was urban in 535 and rural in 925. The mean score for awareness of oral cancer was 2.6% seen in 94%, preventable (2.9) seen in 74.2%, treatable (2.8) seen in 65.7%, contagious (1.9) by 71%, risk increases with age (2.0) seen in 32% and appears as non healing wound (2.5) seen in 65.4%, less mouth opening (2.8) in 68%, growth of abnormal tissue (2.6) in 42.6%, undue falling of teeth (2.5) in 25% and painful jaw (2.1) in 41.2%. Cause found to be smoking (2.6) in 72%, alcohol (2.3) in 34.5%, family history (1.4) in 86.2% and sedentary life style (1.2) in 9.4%. Conclusion: The knowledge about oral cancer in population of Bangalore was not sufficient,

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