Volume 8 Issue 12 (December, 2020)

Review Articles

Intra-canal medicaments- Recent concepts and comprehensive review
Jaskiran Kaur

Pain may occur as a result of various causes such as microbial factors, change in the periapical tissue pressure, chemical mediators, change in the cyclic mediators, and various physiologic factors. The presence of micro-organisms as a result of failure to properly disinfect the canal is the most common cause of pain. Thus, endodontic therapy is primarily focused on maximum elimination of these bacteria. Antibacterial intra-canal dressing has been advocated to eliminate remaining bacteria after chemo-mechanical preparation. It is doubtful whether an intracanal medicament is routinely needed in root canal treatment of teeth containing vital pulp tissue. When the root canal is extensively infected and when interappointment time periods are long, there is merit in using an antibacterial intracanal medicament as part of controlled asepsis. Hence; in the present review, we aim to highlight the recent advances in the use of antibiotics as intra-canal medicaments. Key words: Antibiotics, Intra-canal medicaments

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