Volume 8 Issue 12 (December, 2020)

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Evaluation of postoperative pain following root canal treatment in non- vital pulp using hand and rotary instrumentation technique in known population
Dr. Ankita Handa, Dr. Shazia Mahreen, Dr. Piyush Kumar

Background: The present study was conducted to compare postoperative pain after root canal treatment using hand and rotary instruments in non- vital teeth. Materials & Methods: 50 patients requiring root canal treatment in non- vital molars were subjected to root canals treatment using the hand instrumentation in group I and ProTaper rotary instrumentation technique in group II. Postoperative pain was recorded using a visual analog scale (VAS) at 24 hours, 72 hours and 7 days. Results: VAS score 0 was seen in 21 at 24 hours, 23 at 72 hours and 25 at 7 days in group I and 23 at 24 hours, 25 at 72 hours and 25 at 7 days in group II. VAS score 1 was seen in 2 and score 2 in 2 patients in group I at 24 hours, in group II 1 patients each had score 1 and 2 at 24 hours. Conclusion: Authors found that rotary instrumentations had less postoperative pain as compared to hand instrumentation. Key words: Pain, VAS, Root canal treatment.

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