Volume 8 Issue 12 (December, 2020)

Case Reports

Modified Micro-Marsupialization: A New and Conservative Treatment for Sublingual Ranula
Dr. Ashutosh Pundlik Dod, Dr. Rahul Laturiya, Dr. Sheeraz Badal, Dr. Amol Doiphode, Dr. Gopal Nagargoje, Dr. Pravin Andhare

Among the mucous retention phenomena, ranula is an important pathological condition because there is no consensus as to its treatment. These are rare mucoceles found in the floor of the mouth. Ranula is characterized by an accumulation of saliva on the floor of the mouth, so named because of its nodular bluish colour that resembles the aerated vocal sac of a frog. Ranulas are treated by the removal of the sublingual gland, the removal of the sublingual gland and ranula, the removal of only the ranula, marsupialisation, micro-marsupialisation, incision and drainage etc. But these methods have certain drawbacks; therefore this case report will define a modified micro-marsupialization technique for the treatment of ranula with low morbidity and recurrence rate. Key words: Ranula, Modified Micro-marsupialization, 3-0 silk suture etc.

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