Volume 8 Issue 12 (December, 2020)

Review Articles

Orthodontic Considerations of Impacted Teeth
Dr. Sakshi Agarwal, Dr. Vinita Thapa, Dr. Tejinder Kaur, Dr. Himani Kapila, Dr. Ripujit, Dr. Udit

Orthodontic management of impacted teeth can be very complex and requires a carefully planned inter-disciplinary approach. In present time third molars are more commonly retained, and it is likely that more patients will develop impactions than a generation ago because of non-extraction orthodontic treatment plans. There are still valid reasons for the surgical removal of selected third molars during the teenage years, during which time impaction can be anticipated to avoid the higher rate of morbidity associated with later removal.. This review article describes the changing approach to the management of various impacted teeth. Keywords: Impaction, canine impaction, orthodontics.

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