Volume 8 Issue 12 (December, 2020)

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A comparative study of laparoscopic appendectomy versus open appendectomy for the treatment of acute appendicitis
Dr. Anil Haripriya, Dr. Arvind Baghel

Background: The present study was conducted to compare open versus laparoscopic appendectomy in acute appendicitis. Materials & Methods: 68 cases of acute appendicitis were divided into 2 groups. Group I patients were subjected to laparoscopy appendectomy and Group II patients subjected to open appendectomy. Results: Symptoms were nausea/vomiting seen 28 in group I and 26 in group II, abdominal pain 32 in group I and 33 in group II and fever in 25 in group I and 21 in group II. The difference was non- significant (P> 0.05). Oral feed started postoperatively at mean of 5.9 days in group I and 2.6 days in group II, average hospital stay was 5.6 days in group I and 4.2 days in group II. Wound abscess was seen in 3 days in group I and 4 days in group II and wound infection 2 days in group I and 8 days in group II. The difference was significant (P< 0.05). Conclusion: Laparoscopic appendectomy is effective method of acute appendicitis as compared to open appendectomy. Key words: Acute appendicitis, Laparoscopic appendectomy, Oral feed

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