Volume 8 Issue 11 (November, 2020)

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Comparative evaluation of different measurements of hyoid bone in different malocclusion in North Indian population
Mohammad Kashif Noorani, Kumar Adarsh, Khushbu Mishra, Kunal Gaurav Seth, Mohammad Nabeel Kalburgi, Suprabha Sharan

Introduction-Position of hyoid bone plays an important role in orthodontics. Its position varies in different growth pattern. Its position is also related in obstructive sleep apnea. However its position varies in different ethnic,there is need to find a correlation of different landmarks and measurements. Material and method-20 patients each of class I, class II and class III were selected based on cephalometric readings. Different landmarks selected to measure the proper location of hyoid bone were selected. Result- ANOVA test was applied followed by Tukey HSD. The assessment of the horizontal position of the hyoid bone as evident from the ANOVA test results revealed that the hyoid bone was relatively constant. No significant correlation was found among class I ,class II and class III patients regarding the selected parameters. Hyoid ratio in class I, class II and class III was 2.0 0.18, 1.9 0.19 and 2.0 0.20 respectively. Conclusion- There is no significant difference in the landmark measurements selected to determine position of hyoid bone among class I, class II and class III patients. Keyword- hyoid bone, malocclusion, north Indian population.

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