Volume 8 Issue 2 (February, 2020)

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Assessment of outcome of Single Tooth Implant placed in Immediate Extraction Site- An observational study
Shruti Dutta, Vikas Sharma

Background: Implant surgery is the second oldest discipline in dentistry after exodontia. The primary requirement of implant insertion is initial implant stability with immediate implant placement and adequately maintained bone volume. The implant placement with accurate angulation is moreover achievable. Hence, the present study was undertaken for assessing the outcome of single tooth implant placed in immediate extraction site. Materials & methods: In the present study a total of 20 patients who were scheduled to undergo extraction for mobile mandibular first molar were included. Local anaesthesia was administered and hemodynamic parameters were continuously monitored. This was followed by extraction, immediate placement of dental implant and soft tissue closer. All the patients were recalled after three months. The radiographic and clinical evaluation of all the patients was done to assess the prognosis. Results: Out of 20 patients, dental implant therapy was successful in 85 percent of the patients while it was a failure in 15 percent. Conclusion: By doing adequate case selection, dental implants in immediate extraction sites have excellent prognosis. Key words: Implant, dental, Immediate

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