Volume 8 Issue 10 (October, 2020)

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Comparative evaluation of effect of denture adhesives on retention of maxillary complete dentures using a digital force gauge-An in vivo study
Falak Naz, Sandeep Kaur Bali

Successful rehabilitation of a completely edentulous patient using removable complete denture prosthesis depends on an array of factors ; retention being the most important among them. Although most patients having favourable clinical factors are believed to be rehabilitated successfully but at the same time there are some patients especially the geriatric ones and those with associated debilitating diseases where adequate retention is not achievable .In such situations ,denture adhesives are recommended. In the present study a comparative evaluation was done to study the effect of two commonly available denture adhesives (Fixon powder and Fittydent paste) on the retention of maxillary denture bases. The study was conducted on 10 completely edentulous subjects . Maxillary denture base was fabricated for each patient employing the conventional methods of fabrication and a hook was attached to the same for engagement of the measuring device. A DIGITAL FORCE GAUGE (Lutron ) was used as the measuring apparatus. Force at which denture base dislodged was recorded and was considered as retentive value. Data obtained were tabulated and subjected to statistical analysed. Intragroup comparison was done using paired t-test. Intergroup comparison was done using analysis of variance (ANOVA) .p value <0.05 was considered as statistically significant. Results show that the retention force value of the paste group was the maximum, followed by powder group, and the least retention force value was observed with control group employing no adhesive at all. Within the limitations of the study it can be concluded that the paste form of denture adhesive has the best retentive property compared to the powder.

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