Volume 8 Issue 10 (October, 2020)

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Evaluation of effectiveness of topical anesthetic agent on pain and discomfort during scaling in patients with gingivitis
Dr. Syed Faidan Nazir Bukhari, Dr. Manish Khatri

Control over pain and discomfort is an important outcome measure of successful periodontal therapy. Intrasulcular anesthetic gel can be used as a secure alternative anesthesia for pain control and discomfort during scaling and root planning. Aims and objective: To evaluate clinically the effectiveness of anesthetic gel lignocaine on the pain and discomfort during scaling in patients with gingivitis. Material and method: Ten gingivitis patients were recruited in the study. Draw of lots was done to decide scaling of that quadrant without placement of gel, then clockwise rotation of scaling of quadrants was done for with (Group I) and without (Group II) intrasulcular placement of anesthetic gel. Scaling was done to render mouth plaque free for 10 minutes in each quadrant..Intergroup comparison was done using Visual Analog Scale (VAS) and Verbal Rating Scale (VRS) in all the four quadrants. Results: Statistically significant difference was observed in pain and discomfort as per the VAS and VRS scores in patients with or without application of anesthetic gel. Conclusion: Intrasulcular placement of anesthetic gel may be an effective measure in controlling pain and discomfort during scaling. Key words: Scaling, intrasulcular anesthetic, gingivitis, pain.

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