Volume 8 Issue 9 (September, 2020)

Review Articles

Fixation Systems in Craniofacial Trauma- A Review
Dayanithi B.S, Sankara Rao Sanaka, Rahul Anand, Shivani Taank, Shreya Shukla, Ashwin Hiremath

Cranial and maxillofacial trauma management is one of the main treatments that has been provided by a maxillofacial surgeon. Advent of several fixating systems took place over the years. The prime and significant advantage of the fixation to stabilize the fracture site without immobilization so as to provide the patient a comfortable healing period. Whatever the type of plating system implied, the principles of fracture fixation should remain the same, and the same should be attained post-fracture reduction and fixation. The objective should be to achieve least postoperative morbidity and also early return to the function for patient. Keywords: Maxillofacial Plating System; Miniplate Fixation; 3D Plate Fixation; Bioresorbable Plates.

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