Volume 8 Issue 9 (September, 2020)

Review Articles

Role of Photoinitiators on Commercial Resins- A Review
Dr. Tanvi Arvind Jagtap, Dr Budhabhushan Ashruba Sonvane, Dr Shailesh Sundarrao Dukare, Dr Manoj Digambarrao Sakhare, Dr. Akriti Mahajan, Dr. Heena Tiwari

Since the early 1970s, dental resin composites have been the material of choice for direct esthetic anterior and posterior restorations. Dental resin composites serve as a more esthetic material to use over dental amalgam. Dental resin composites, no matter traditional or bulk-fill, require the use of initiators to help initiate the polymerization process. In light-cured resin composites, photoinitiators in the soft raw material are activated by the curing light and they start the cascade reaction of polymerization, which make the resin composites harden and stronger. Keywords: Photoinitiators, Commercial Resins, Camphorquinone, light-cured dental resin

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