Volume 8 Issue 8 (August, 2020)

Review Articles

How Chronic Periodontitis associated with Systemic Diseases increases the case fatality rate among COVID-19 Patients
Anil Sharma, Rupali, Shiva Chauhan, Rohit Sharma, Vidushi Jindal, Poonam Rajput, Vikas Jindal

Chronic inflammations are increasingly considered as a potential trigger for COVID-19 disease. Infectivity activation of different inflammatory cascades of the host and dysbiotic events by chronic periodontitis negatively affects oral mucosa, bone, and all other periodontal tissues and could have systemic implications. Any chronic infection of the oral cavity like periodontitis is a constant potential source of infection and a separate risk factor for various systemic diseases like diabetes, CVS, respiratory diseases, etc. These preexisting systemic diseases have been widely associated with the progression of severe COVID -19 disease and itís ill effects. Since systemic health was affected by inflammatory cascades, dysbiotic factors, and comorbidities, these possibilities also related to the periodontal status of the patients which ultimately considered the risk of complication of COVID-19 disease. However periodontal status like PPD, CAL, etc has not been reported yet. Only based on oral dental and medical history is taken from the COVID-19 patients we reached on the conclusion that chronic periodontitis and COVID-19 disease relation could help us for identifying the risk groups and for the establishment of pertinent recommendations. By identifying these risk groups of chronic periodontitis with underlying systemic diseases we can control the CFR among COVID-19 patients. Key words: Chronic inflammation, Chronic Periodontitis , Systemic diseases and COVID-19.

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