Volume 8 Issue 8 (August, 2020)

Review Articles

Controversies in Management of Head and Neck Cancers- A Review
Prasoon S Babu, Harihara Jothi V, Abin Ann Abraham, Vikesh Kumar R Shah, Nirav R Shah, Koustabh Kumar

In treating head and neck cancer (HNC), the objectives are provided for best functional results and minimal risk of serious complications. The choice of appropriate management depends primarily on specific site and stage of primary tumor at diagnosis. Although surgical resection remains the primary treatment modality, several areas of controversy exist about work-up, management of the primary and neck tumors, and adjuvant therapy. As surgical techniques evolve, so has the delivery of radiotherapy and systemic treatment, which have helped to improve the outcomes for patients with advanced disease. Future study of the molecular biology and pathogenesis of OCC should offer additional insight into screening, treatment selection, and novel therapeutic approaches. Keywords Depth of invasion, carcinoma, perineural spread, chemoradiotherapy.

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